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Sunday, 17 January 2016

SEO Do’s and Don’ts for ranking no.1 in Google

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SEO Do’s and Don’ts for ranking no.1 in Google
SEO Do’s and Don’ts for ranking no.1 in Google

People often wonder why it is so important to strive for Numero Uno (Number One) position in Google’s ranking. The primary aspect is obviously.. Traffic & Money.

If you are number one in Google’s ranking, you will attract the major chunk of visitor’s clicks and will receive larger share of clicks than others, which will be more than the 8 SERP listings. This relies upon the Clickability of SERP snippet on your search engine results page and its relevance with the competing pages snippets for that query.

To be on number one spot in search listing, you need to work carefully and be tactful. We have compiled some potential Do’s and Don’ts for SEO to help you achieve success in search engine ranking.


  • Use backlinks from most reputable and relevant sites in your industry only
  • To dominate the search engine competition always write quality, well-researched and engaging content because “Content is King”
  • Increase the chances of getting high ranking on Google, use main keywords not just in the body text but also in the title and meta description
  • Use Google Keyword Tool to find out the best and most searched keywords for your chosen topic. This would help in including the most powerful keywords
  • Reach out to newer audience by contributing on other popular websites as a guest blogger. In this regard choose the websites wisely and opt for the ones that are most popular and reputed
  • Not just building backlinks is important but monitoring them is equally vital for SEO. So, you must maintain clean and clear backlink profile
  • Creating internal links is probably the most effective method to build links to your content. In fact, internal links are also an important factor of consideration at Google ranking criteria. Internal links also help search engines in indexing your content quickly
  • Creating inforgraphics will help in building quality backlinks and would definitely drive traffic to your website
  • You might think that creating a sitemap won’t be as helpful in attaining top position at Google but it actually is. Sitemaps help Google find and index all the pages on your website
  • Creating “link to this article” widget is a smart new way to compel webmasters to link to you. This prevents you from publicly asking for links to your website
  • Overnight success cannot be guaranteed at Google so despite everything else in place, your ranking improvement may take some time. Therefore, patience is the key here
  • Create a user-friendly website by embedding easy and seamless navigation as well as engaging content
  • Try to upload lengthy articles because this way you will be offering readers wealth of knowledge and you can include a lot of keywords too
  • Analyze the reasons for success of your competitors and evaluate their strategies. Try to incorporate their secrets into your tactics and see the results yourself
  • Prevent your website from Google Penalty by regularly inspecting your backlinks and removing those that are of bad quality or unreliable

SEO Don’ts

  • You need to write for your readers not Google bots so try to not stuff your article with keywords. It may get on the nerves of your readers and they might lose interest
  • Google stopped updating its PageRank toolbar years ago and therefore, you also shouldn't rely upon it as the most appropriate metric to decide backlinks
  • Getting links from blog networks might work for some time but in the long run you can expect penalty because these are a spammy way to increase ranking
  • Many beginners get obsessed with number of backlinks. The reality is that numbers don’t matter, quality and relevancy does
  • Your website will be penalized if you get links from unrelated sites so avoid it
  • Google will instantly be alerted about suspicious activity if you use sitewide backlinks so it is better to let it go
  • It is of no use to waste time on sites with bad reputation as a guest writer. Always write for good, reputable and relevant sites to attract more audience for your site
  • Avoid getting links from pages that contain many external links because the quality of such pages is never very good
  • Make the process of backlinks building completely natural by looking beyond your homepage
  • Using hidden texts or links is so 90s; if you do it today, you will be penalized
  • Google Penguin will immediately penalize your website if you over optimize anchor links
  • Never submit your website to every other search engine
  • Avoid plagiarism. Don’t ever copy any other site’s content otherwise your reputation will be damaged as well as your Google ranking
  • Too many ads above the fold will sabotage user’s experience on your website and you can expect Google penalty, so keep it close to minimum

Hope you find this article helpful, Happy SEO, Stop Thinking & Start Ranking.

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