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Saturday, 2 January 2016

How to Make Money Online from Blogging Today in 2016? Work from anywhere. Be your own Boss

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Blogging can be a very rewarding occupation. You can choose to become either a paid blogger by getting employed or become a freelance blogger by starting your own blog. Both ways, you can easily earn considerably well. Making money via personal blogging although isn't as easy as it sounds but it is definitely worth trying. 
We started blogging in 2006, with our 9yrs of experience with lot of mistakes and success we writing following tips, it would certainly help you create a successful blog.
How to Make Money Online from Blogging Today in 2016
How to Make Money Online from Blogging Today in 2016

Pay attention to Domain and Host:
You can host and operate a blog by using any of the following options
  1. Web-based platform like wordpress
  2. Self-hosted platform (which involves buying your own domain and web hosting service)
If you opt for the first option, the process will become easier since you will be guided by the Live Chat team at the particular platforms like BlueHost, Hostgator, SiteGround, DreamHost or WPEngine. There are various free blogging platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and BlogPress. If you really want to start blogging to earn money then we would highly recommend that you choose a paid platform. You can find a reasonably priced web host with Bluehost that also offers a very good server and immediate account activation and you can buy your domain also since most of the hosting services also provide domain registration.
The key to a successful blog is to find a reliable web host. Choose the domain name wisely and get it registered almost immediately. Your cost for domain and hosting comes around $46/year.
Choosing the Right Theme and blog design:
The secret of a successful blog is to select a theme that is closest to your heart and you might want to explore further in the long run. Something that doesn’t excite you as a writer or blogger won’t prove to be productive for your blog’s success. Once you have selected the theme, you need to purchase it as well.
There are two halves of theme, the framework and the blog design. You can choose WordPress or Genesis for theme framework, which are quite flexible and probably the best choices at hand. Now you need to find the perfect blog design. Browse through your chosen framework’s marketplace and choose from their curated collection of themes.
The purpose of being very selective is because the first impression is created by the outlook and theme of your blog. If you want to play it safe, go for the widely popular theme in market places like Themeforrest , MyThemeShop or ElegentThemes and check out designs of blogs that are most successful. You get a theme for under $40.
Blog modification and Plugins:
Tweak the theme as much as possible to properly reflect your vision through it. Go for a minimalist approach as far as plugins are concerned. Such as you can use Google Analytics for WordPress, Twitter & Facebook share button plugins. This would be enough to generate popularity of your blog initially. Yoast SEO (free) is the plugin of my choice, it helps you create search engine optimized content and to better rank content in the Google search results.
Compelling Content:
Write and upload compelling content on your blog. Be comprehensive in informing about yourself as well by creating informative About Page and Contact Page, etc. You may also benefit from designing a logo for your blog if can’t design yourself, you can hire a freelancer to this job. Do upload a picture of yourself to enhance the authenticity and personalized feel of your blog. Posting your picture is beneficial because it makes people remember your blog, also Google love images and it certainly give an edge to boost search engine rankings. If can’t write you can use freelancer sites to hire writes it might cost you around $1.5 per article.
Blogging Quote - How to Blog
Blogging Way for Success

Monetizing your blog:
You need to find several good niches for your blog to make it a successful one. Apart from posting interesting and attention-grabbing content you need to promote your blog and build readership too. Monetization is the most exciting part of blogging, because this is where money is made (getting paid for your hard work).
Google Adsense and other Pay Per Click AD Networks:
You can opt for pay-per-click services for instance AdSense and start selling ad space. When someone visits your blog and clicks on the ads, the Google will pay you. The payment can be meagre like a dollar or two but once your blog gets established then you will be able to get high-paying ads too. Google always places relevant ads to the content so your readers don't feels ads annoying.
Direct Ad Sales:
Alternately, you can sell ad space to various companies so that they pay you a particular amount on a monthly basis to run their advertisements. This is call direct ad selling you can use BuySellAds or Google’s DoubleClick for publisher. The payment amount will rely upon your traffic as well as conversion rate. This is a better option to make money through your blog because you get a guaranteed amount every month.
Other form to generate revenue from your blog is by selling other people products as an Affiliate. Basically when people click ad and purchase the product you will a commission between 2% to even 100% depending on the products. Amazon affiliate program is best in the business because you get products to promote for almost any niche. You can also checkout Clickbank an affiliate products market place, here you will get products that pay recurring commissions as well. 

Top 12 Earning Bloggers by Revenue

Blog Blogger Revenue
The Huffington Post Arianna Huffington $2,500,000 / Month
TechCrunch Michael Arrington $830,000 / Month
Mashable Pete Cashmore $650,000 / Month
Perez Hilton Mario Lavandeira $470,000 / Month
Engadget Peter Rojas $375,000 / Month
Smashing Magazine Vitaly Friedman $210,000 / Month
Smart Passive Income Pat Flynn $140,000 / Month
Timothy Sykes Timothy Sykes $130,000 / Month
Life Hacker Gina Trapani $120,000 / Month
Tuts Plus Collis Taeed $110,000 / Month
John Chow John Chow $100,000 / Month
Gothamist Jake Dobki $100,000 / Month

Sponsored Reviews:
Brands and companies always looking for credible people or authoritative people to endorse their products to consumers. Once build your blog as an authority in the niche you are in you will treated bit like a celebrity. You can ask for large companies for their products to test, write an review in your blog and you can charge them as well. There are some companies like SponsoredReviews who will help you get in touch with brands as well. If you are not comfortable in reaching out to them you can give these companies some commissions.
E books:
Usually when we blog, we blog it for free and relay on advertising income to pay the bill and hopefully some profits after gaining exposure. But nowadays mainly because of Ad Blockers we seeing lot of dip in the Ad Revenues in our blogs and as a result E Books have become a very friendly tool for bloggers and writers. Now you can charge your reader when you are sharing your knowledge that too in a hassle free way. You can write an E book and sell on Amazon marketplace. Tim Ferriss made millions from his single book The 4 Hour Work Week (Must Read Book for Entrepreneurs). You can also checkout ebook "How to make $500 to $2000 per month in Passive Income from Niche Blogs / Websites - with case study: Make Money Online" for making passive income from blog.
Infographic on 2015 Bloggers Survey and Statistics
Infographic - Blogging Survey and Statistics
Infographic on 2015 Bloggers Survey and Statistics
We never consider donations as a source of income for blogging or any service for that matter. If we see further Web Archive, Wikipedia and even many services runs only on donations. We always hesitate to ask for donations “You don’t ask, you don’t get”, If you are sharing any content better than anyone else people are willing to help. We just need to show them the path. You can use Paypal, Patreon or even Bitcoins to accept donations.
Flipping Blogs:
It doesn't seems real right or you might have heard it before. Blogs and websites are like Online Real Estate, You create or buy one and develop it further then flip it for profits. Marketplaces like Flippa helps you to buy or ell blogs and websites, usually sites sells for 10X to 12X monthly revenue. Meaning you can buy a blog making $100 for $1000 to $1200, ROI in 10 to 12 months. If you don't have time and patience to start a blog you can buy a developed in one of your niche and develop it.
Present more than just content:
It is always a good idea to offer more than just words on your blog. If you have something to sell, use your blogging space to sell it. It can be anything from garage sales to E-books. Use the blogs to explain the product in detail and promote it. Answer random queries through your blogs and try to escalate sales. Today, when e-commerce popularity is touching newer heights every day it is a feasible idea to present your products online. This way, you will be preventing additional costs, which you need to when you post stuff for sale at sites like eBay and your product’s promotion will be done for free.
(we Writers and Bloggers make living off of ad revenues please try not to use ad blockers at-least in the trusted sites)
Thanks for reading, if you like the content please share it social media with your friends and family, that helps us a lot and motivates to create more content.

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We got our financial freedom when we started our first blog back in 2006 and think others can do the same. So we started to share our experience
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