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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

How to make money from your Facebook page? Is it really possible?

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How to make money from your Facebook page? Is it really possible?
How to make money from your Facebook page? Is it really possible?
With more than a billion users, Facebook offers an exceptionally lucrative opportunity for generating revenue. But, a majority of people often ask this question, How to make money from Facebook and is it really possible?

If you do some research, you would find success stories of a number of small time businesses that became big only by boosting their ecommerce sales through Facebook sharing feature. 

With regards to Facebook marketing, it is the campaign that generally earns you public acceptance. Now, you must be thinking what distinguishes profitable and unprofitable campaigns.

A profitable campaign is something that immediately grabs attention of visitors to your profile. There are several strategies that marketers usually rely upon to boost their business on Facebook and make money. Here are five of them.

1. Advertising-Centric Ecommerce
To leverage the humongous reach and extremely customizable targeting of the ad platform at Facebook, marketers create ads that redirect clickers straight to their site. This tactic allows marketers to entirely bypass fan marketing and hence, proves to be very profitable option.
If you don’t want to waste a lot of time and creativity needed for fan marketing then this strategy would be helpful for you. If you search about success you will learn that this company achieved a 300% ROI via direct-to-website ad traffic strategy.

2. Fan-based Marketing
Fan marketing means that you sell ads to fans by posting it on their news feeds via your page. This is not a much responsive strategy for acquiring fans than conducting surveys or contests. Apparently, various multimillion-fan brand pages only manage to reach 7% or less fans. In fact, some brand pages have thousands of fans who never like or comment on a single of their post. Probably these fans haven’t even visited the page in months.

This means, to achieve success on Facebook through fan marketing strategy, you need to be as visible to your fans as possible. If your current page is not as popular or in the limelight, then make a new one and start approaching fans more ferociously. You will be able to develop a more targeted fan base if only you change your marketing approach. Acquire up-to-date understanding of ways to engage fans and you can expect better performance with your new page. For instance, Baseball Roses, which sell artificial roses that are created from actual baseballs, managed to reach 473% ROI through fan marketing on Facebook. As per the company head Mark Ellingson, their strategy fell flat with Google AdWords since no one was interested in learning about their innovative product. Similarly, Rosehall Kennel sells German Shepherds and achieved 4,000% + ROI on its fan acquisition.'s revenues also skyrocketed when the company started using Facebook for its marketing and the ROI increased by 150% only in the first six months of its inception.

3. EMAIL marketing
Companies are well aware of the worth of an average email subscriber and they also know that email marketing has extreme potential as far as revenues are concerned. For such marketers, whether the use fan marketing or not, Facebook ads makes a lot of sense to reach out to potential qualified subscribers. There are 16 different criteria for targeted Facebook advertising, which include age, gender, relationship status, location, interests, connection to your administered pages, education level, majors in college and workplace, etc. By sending contest oriented email campaigns that are already integrated with social networking sites, a Fortune 500 enterprise acquired 400% increment in email opening rate and 14% increase in click rates. Moreover, one-fifth of their subscribers turned into permanent fans, reveals JB Chicago president Steve Gaither, the marketing agency that helped the company achieve this.

4. SMS marketing
Research suggests that 24% of mobile marketers managed to meet their expected ROI with their SMS marketing campaign. Also, around 4% of all mobile owners/users tend to respond to a coupon for a service or product. A popular fast food franchise that sells fried chicken used SMS marketing approach to boost its sales. The company posted information regarding free text message coupons and sent it to the Facebook fans. Those who subscribed to this service were sent an SMS coupon daily for a month. This resulted in additional store revenue of $65,000.

5. Diverting Traffic to Your Ad-Supported Website
For a blogger or publisher, advertising is equally important as is content. Creating a Facebook page for your blog or website would mean growth in your fan base. You can easily post a link to your newest blog post or article and divert traffic to your site. Since pageviews is all that matters on blogs and sites, it is understandable that traffic from new fans and repeated fans traffic will increase revenues for your site. For instance, ProudSingleMoms developed a fan base of around 98,000 fans through Facebook ads for only $5,000 using AdSense ads. The company, explains its owner, chose blog topics that were interesting for moms and adjusted Google keywords into them, which generated high click fees.

5. Selling your own products or others product
Once you have large enough fan base related to the niche (target fans works better), you can sell your own product. Like you can use to create custom tshirt design and sell them to your fans. You can also sell products other people created as an affiliate marketer and get a commission from it. You use Clickbank to find products of any niche to sell to your audiences. Luke Kling, Director of marketing, Peerfly makes thousands of dollars per month form his Facebook pages just using teespring.

Watch Luke Kling’s talk at Affiliate Summit

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