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Saturday, 10 October 2015

How to build a niche Blog / Website and make $500 - $2000 / month in passive income

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How to build a niche Blog / Website and make $500 - $2000 / month in passive income

You might have read hundreds of articles on this topic and tools to make this happen in overnight. Either you have burnt from the get rich scheme or thinking to start a niche Blog / Website this article will help you a lot.
As all other things this is not easy or not tough either. A little focus in the right path will do the job. We have built a lot of micro niche sites over the years either for a passive income or to sell in sites like Flippa whenever we need few extra bucks. Follow the steps below, this is the pattern we use as well for every niche Blog / Websites we create.

•    Selecting the niche

•    Keyword and Competition Research

•    Domain & Hosting Selection

•    Building the content and the Backlinks

•    Driving Traffic

•    Monetization

Let’s look into each of them

Selecting the niche:
This probably the most important step in the process and you need to keep following in mind.
You should be comfortable with the niche
There should enough searches in Google to gain traffic
Less computation the better for ranking
And mainly there should be enough CPC and affiliate offers to motivate
Are people currently making money on the niche?
Can you write at least 10 articles on the niche?

Keyword and Competition Research:
This step not only helps to refine your selected niche but also give ideas for articles and titles. Getting this step wrong will put in a situation where you will be wasting both time and money on the site that has no chance of ranking in Google, or it takes years to get with not good ROI. We use Google Keyword Tool, Long Tail Pro and SEMRUSH for keyword and competition research but we recommend Long Tail Pro. We always look for low competition keyword, reasonable search volume with high CPC and at least 2 to 5 affiliate programs available. For example “inwall speakers” has Avg. CPC $2.52 with 4400 local and 6600 global searches and with a competition score of 28. We can also search for competitor’s domain authority, Page authority, domain age, backlinks and lot more.

Domain & Hosting Selection:
Long Tail Pro even show the long tail keyword domain available or not. In the above example “” was available for registration. Now we can go for Bluehost or Hostgator buy the domain and hosting and launch a niche site in minutes. Or you can also go and search for expired domain in the particular niche and get a domain that already has domain authority, Page authority, domain age, backlinks…. But you need to do a background check on the domain. You can find expired domain on Namejet and GoDaddy or you can buy an established sit eat Flippa.

Building the content and the Backlinks:
Before writing the content also you should do research on long tail search keyword using Long tail pro. It gives a clear idea about what primary keywords to be used and what tittle to be used for maximum results. We use article like “How to”, “how much”, “what is” ….. Which gets great traffic to our niche sites. You don’t need hundreds of articles to begin with, 7 – 10 articles with 500 to 800 words will work great. You can write for yourselves or you can outsource, we use Freelancer and iWriter you can a 500 words quality article for anywhere between $2-$3. Use high-quality photos because Google love images in your article, search for CC photos on Google, you can buy from Shutterstock, iStockphoto or Photodune.
You don’t need much back linking work to do for a niche site. We usually do 1-2 campaign a month for 4 months in SeNuke XCR then will stop it.

Driving Traffic:
You need to spend any money for driving traffic for a niche site. The whole concept of building niches site is to rank for the top spot in Google and use Google’s traffic for generating passive income. But you need to create social profiles in Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and if you have a lot of quality images you need to share on Pinterest.

This is the main and the last step in the process. Main revenue generating streams
•    Google AdSense:
AdSense probably the easiest and quickest way to monetise you niche Blog / Website, especially if you have a lot of content. Although Income totally based on CPC, CPM and CTR you can easily make $300 to $700 with very little traffic.
•    Amazon and other Affiliate Programs:
Amazon pays anywhere between 2% to 12% for every products customer purchased within 24hrs of the link clicked on your site. In above example “inwall speakers” product costs around $300 if someone buys through my link I will get $12 in commissions. You also signup for Clickbank to sell digital products and you can get up to 30% to 100% of the commission with 30 to 90 days of cookie. You can probably average $500 - $800 in affiliate commissions easily and can be even more.
•    Sell your own product:
This depends on you niche, Instead of selling other's product for affiliate commissions you can sell your own product for full profit. Like Ebook, plugins, software any thing that can be downloadable. You sell even physical products but depends on you. Because then it will turn it into a full-time business than passive income.
Just follow the above steps and with $50 to $100 of investment + some time and effort, you generate $500 to $2000 in passive income. Once done with the process just start another one.

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