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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Can you really make money blogging? InfoGraphics

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Can you really make money blogging? InfoGraphics

Lot of people ask this question all the time, either starting fresh or already blogging but couldn't able to reach the level of success they wanted. So we put together this infographics for better understanding. You can also checkout the article "How to Start a Blog?"

Can you really make money blogging? InfoGraphics

According to the survey done by for every 1000 persons.
Blogging Platform People Use
43% WordPress
35% Blogger
16% Tumblr, Typepad, Posterous
6% Other

How Much Do People Make Blogging?
8% of the people make enough money to support their family
81% of the people never make $100 from blogging
9% of the people enough to sustain their personal lifestyle blogging only
4-6 Hours a Day
2% of the people make $150,000+ blogging just 1-2 hours a day

Businesses Blogging Stats
60% the no of Businesses that have their own business blogs
35% of the people blog at least once a month
65% of the people haven’t blogged once in the past year

Think and be positive, happy blogging.

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