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Saturday, 26 September 2015

How to make Money Blogging? Top 10 ways - Part II

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How to make Money Blogging? Top 10 ways - Part II

We hope you have read Part I of the article, If not please read How to make Money Blogging? Top 10 ways -Part I. Earlier we discussed top 5 of 10 ways to make money with the blog. Those ways were more active with the blog, today we will learn other ways where we will use blog as base.

5. E Mail Marketing:
Email list is best way to have engage with your regular blog readers. Always keep a widget or a form in your blog for readers to sign up. If people like your content, they will sign up. They are your guaranteed visitors on your content update. You can also monetize your email list by selling your eBooks, themes or any digital content, also you sell other’s products as an affiliate. Since they trust you, conversion rate will be very good. Remember don’t spam them with lot for offers. We use AWeber for mail delivery.

6. Premium Content:
This probably the most difficult to thing to do. That’s because people are addicted to the free content on the web, if you want them to pay for your content you should be “the Authority” in the particular niche. But as long time blogger am seeing a lot of dip in the ad revenues in our blogs also in lot of other’s, mainly because of Ad Blockers. If this continues in the longer run we will see a lot of premium blogs.

7. Blog Forum:
Revenue from forums will be lot same as blogs, through ads and affiliate. But it’s less word and easy to maintain. As you don’t need to create any content, forums members will do the job instead. You can also create a Premium forum. If can maintain churn rates premium forum will be awesome because less work and recurring revenue.

8. Premium Courses, Consulting Services & Public Speaking:
If you can create video content like some courses and tutorials you sell them for like from $10 to even thousands of dollars. Nowadays it very easy to create equipment’s are very cheaper also you get them for rents. Courses will be like passive income you only need to create it for once and you can go for the next project. You can sell your content directly in you blog using Gumroad, it’s easier they will handle the payment and delivery. If use Udemy you need to have even a blog they will handle all things (Traffic, Payments and delivery) you can focus on content creation.
My first few bucks online came from consultations. You can help people who are just starting on the internet. Simple things like setting up blog, plugins to full consultations and you can charge them.
Public speaking is a great way to to sell you books also create new audiences to the blog from your city and nearest places. When first starting out you have to do at least 10 to 15 talks for free later once you are comfortable you can charge them. Lot of people making living off of them. You can make thousands to even tens of thousands dollar per gig.

9. Donations:
People don’t consider donations as a source of income. But remember whole Wikipedia runs on donations. You just have to ask for it, you are not begging you’re giving them the free content. People will always donate, especially when they gain useful knowledge no one will bother at least to buy you a coffee at Starbucks right. You can simply place a PayPal donate button or use Patreon. There publishers in patreon who are making $5000 to $15000 just off of donations.

10. Website Flipping:

We do this all the time, flipping websites is similar to house flipping in real-estate. Either you build a website / blog or you buy them in an auction and then you will improve the revenue by some quality content, traffic and strategic ad placements. You can them sell them in auction, best place to sell your website / blog is at Flippa. Usually sites sell at 10 to 15 times revenue, sometimes even more. Suppose your blog is making $700 to $800/month it will sell at $8000 to $12000.

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