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Thursday, 24 September 2015

How to make Money Blogging? Top 10 ways - Part I

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How to make Money Blogging? Top 10 ways - Part I

Lot of People ask how to make money Blogging. You might already have Blog which started as a hobby or if you one of those who are looking for Passive Income or looking to start as a full time profession this article will let you know different ways. (You can checkout How to Start a Blog?)

1. Google Adsense and other Ad Networks:
When we first started blogging we had only Google Adsense to monetize the traffic. But there are lot of other ways to make money now. Google Adsense is probably the best source for a study monthly income and the show relevant ads which does not compromise user experience. To actually make living off of it you will need a lot of traffic. Adsense is an advertising network owned by Google, here advertisers bid for the keyword and the ad space in adsense using websites or blogs. When someone click on the ad you make money. How much? depend on what advertisers bidding for that particular keyword called CPC (cost per click). So if your blog is on some high competitive niche or you have lot of traffic you make a lot money. Again it depend on CTR (Click through Rate). There are other platforms like Chitika, Infolinks, Vigilink which doesn’t pay much but good know if by any means you banned from adsense.

2. Direct Ad Selling:
If you look for some fixed prepaid income direct ad selling is the way to go. You can directly contact the brands which are related to your topic and sell ad space say 728x90 leaderboard $300 for 30days (depends on your traffic). Which was the only way few years ago. Now you can Join Google’s DoubleClick or BuySellAds. Both are great platforms you can sell as many ads you can and make study income.

3. Affiliate:
Affiliate is the biggest source of income for over the years in all over blogs. A single sale can make you $10-$300, especially product with recurring payments will pay you commission as long as the customers using it. Even some site will pay you multiple tier commissions. But recommend the products to your customer which are genuine and that works. Even every online shopping sites like Amazon have Affiliate programs of their own. If are in the blogging niche join Bluehoast, Hostgator, Siteground, Dreamhost, WPEngine, AWeber, Themeforrest, Mythemeshop and SEMRush they hich recurring commissions.

4. Sponsored Reviews:
Companies always looking for authoritative people or people with large followings (audience) to promote their products. If you have a blog, youtube channel or any social platforms with large followings or readers, you can contact companies for sponsored reviews. Either you can ask like $300 (example) for a sponsored post or ask them to send their product to review. You can check out SponsoredReviews

5. Selling EBooks:
EBooks have become a best tools for authers and bloggers to monetize. EBoook doesn’t have to be big with lot of pages, Just 10 - 15 pages to the specifics will do the job. You sell your book for as little as $0.99 to hundreds of dollars. You can also give it for free instead ask then to provide their email or follow on facebook any other way where you can use to monetize. You can also sell your EBook on Amazon. If you are selling ebooks is return of email address we recommend AWeber for email marketing.

Checkout How to make Money Blogging? Top 10 ways -Part II for other 5 way to make money on your Blog.

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